What Others Are Saying

“I love learning when I don’t feel pressure to have to ‘know’ a lot before coming.”

“He opened my eyes to His great love for me and how to share His love with others.”

“It has taught me to be more humble and has shown me how to handle and bear my crosses in life.”

While the lessons from each book of scripture are rich and inspired, the truth mirrored in the composite work is transforming. This is Keri’s gift – making sense of the piece to illuminate the whole. It takes time but it’s possible – and life-changing.”

“As a mom of young kids, this was so important to do for myself and my faith. Thank you for offering childcare. The Thursday mornings are like a ‘mental health spa day.’”

“I have been a student of Keri Allen’s Bible studies for a number of years. Not only have I learned about the Bible through them, but more importantly, I have come to understand its relevance and application to my daily life. Through these studies, my faith has grown and deepened helping me to bring more grace to daily life and to encounter adversity with greater strength and peace. They have been a powerful blessing in my life. Thank you, Keri.”