What Others Are Saying

“I love learning when I don’t feel pressure to have to ‘know’ a lot before coming.”

“He opened my eyes to His great love for me and how to share His love with others.”

“It has taught me to be more humble and has shown me how to handle and bear my crosses in life.”

While the lessons from each book of scripture are rich and inspired, the truth mirrored in the composite work is transforming. This is Keri’s gift – making sense of the piece to illuminate the whole. It takes time but it’s possible – and life-changing.”

“As a mom of young kids, this was so important to do for myself and my faith. Thank you for offering childcare. The Thursday mornings are like a ‘mental health spa day.’”

“I have been a student of Keri Allen’s Bible studies for a number of years. Not only have I learned about the Bible through them, but more importantly, I have come to understand its relevance and application to my daily life. Through these studies, my faith has grown and deepened helping me to bring more grace to daily life and to encounter adversity with greater strength and peace. They have been a powerful blessing in my life. Thank you, Keri.”

Keri Allen, A parishioner at St Luke’s Catholic Church in Dahlonega, has been writing and sharing Bible Studies for many decades. Her insight and knowledge of the bible has led thousands of people to a deeper understanding of God’s word! Check out the many FREE study guides available by registering with Proclaim My Word and downloading a copy to read by yourself or with a group of others!

(Continued) At the same time, Keri was authoring bible studies, workbooks and commentaries for living in today’s culture. Her programs at the Cathedral were mentioned as one of the reasons the Cathedral of Christ the King was rated as one of the top 10 cathedrals in the country.

Today Keri, through her, Proclaim My Word, ministry is living the great commission by spreading the Good News to as many people as possible. Her goal is to help us live daily in God’s Word through bible studies, retreats and workshops. Her studies draw people from distant parishes and also attract non-Catholics. As they also attract non-Catholics, she tries to dispel misconceptions about the Catholic faith.

Drawing upon her own life experiences, she continues to write and deliver these studies. More than 20 original studies have been produced, most with videos. Planning is underway for these studies to be made available for small groups in homes and parishes via the internet.

Proclaiming God’s Word is her mission, but she also has a desire to place bibles in the pews of Catholic churches and donates bibles to churches at their request.

By His design… Proclaim My Word came into being through a young woman from Michigan coming to Atlanta to make a difference by design. “God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called”… He qualified Keri to implement His design.

Proclaim My Word is a 501c3 Private Catholic Ministry, dedicated to the teachings of the Catholic Faith.

Keri is blessed to share life with her loving husband Bob, her children grandchildren and her great grandchildren!